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Hey guys... guys... what if 50 Shades of Grey
So wait is Tyrion going to die in this season of Game of Thrones?
So wait is Allen Fisher going to die in this season of Game of Arms?
"You're Next" Reaction
House Republicans Want To Sue The President For Not Arresting People For Marijuana
"Forgotten" classics
Charles Grodin is still alive
OT: Song Requests
Why is everyone so down on the Pirates films?
RIP animation producer Arthur Rankin Jr. (of Rankin-Bass)
Let's Be Consumerists Part I: What animated films do you want on Criterion?
Firefly: 7 episodes in, still not feeling it
Amazing Superman video.
Maze Runner
The "Making Of" Featurette on the Frozen Blu Ray...
Shrek Is Love, Shrek Is Life (NSFW)
"Skippy, what's the name of that group playing on stage?"
Incredibles 2 Is Happening
Godzilla - Man of Steel mashup trailer
Happy St. Patty's. Kerry Green or Eva Green?
Rate: Hollywood Boulevard (1976)
Is anybody watching Les Revenants - The Returned?
Primal Fear. 1996, with Richard Gere and Edward Norton
This is the most Australian thing I have ever seen
What is a film that you want to see - but put off for a certain reason?