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Where can I see In Fear?
Alfonso Cuarón is my new must see director.
So what do you guys think of this religious freedom legislation in Arizona?
Anyone watching Jimmy Kimmel? Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is on and Kimmel is roasting him
The Official RT Reaction Thread for the 86th Academy Awards
Enemy or The Double?
Son of God defeated Non-Stop thursday night
So Who Closes The Annual Oscars Memorial Segment?
free nationwide screenings of Casablanca tomorrow in selected theaters
Question for native Southern Californians.
Crispin Glover Hates The 'Back To The Future' Ending
Jurassic Park's new owner is an Indian guy.
The Stuff (1985)
New Matrix trilogy on the way.
What is the Ultimate Laserdisc Collection? Read first post!
So... What was your biggest Stinker of 2013?
I got arrested last night
"Something to look up to, something to look forward to...
Is it true that the Academy is 90% white men over 70?
R.I.P. Alain Resnais
Thank You, 2013... You Were Great...
Can we "un-sticky" the Oscar thread? Cause no one notices...
Sure winners this Sunday
Is it possible that The Grand Budapest Hotel is a self parody of a Wes Anderson film?
Great mini documentary about Rythym and Hues closing-- Life After Pi.