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Any macbook techies on here?
"Bosch" Pilot - Amazon Prime
I hate it when people do threads like this, but... I need trolloc to look at this
Is "The White Queen" Starz series worth buying season 1?
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I've just discovered comedic gold.
Kubrick or Hitchcock?
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Did anyone see this RT chart on /film?
Is Undercover Boss the most obvious attempt to pacify the masses possible?
Today I watched Wrath of Khan and Star Trek: First Contact for the first time...
OT: Creationism vs Evolution Debate Tonight!!!
Clint Eastwood saves a man's life
RoboCop Remake.
Filth is f.ucking fantastic
I still consider myself a newbie to GD so I have to ask.
Red, thought you might like this one
Islam vs Atheism Debate
Chow Yun Fat to donate $ 1 BILLION fortune to charity after death
Wishbone's Black History Month Appreciation Thread
Do you jerk off?
Which director have you seen the most films in the cinema?
Pick the Hottest Members of these Girl & Boy Pop Bands
When the F--- is Roger Deakins going to win an Oscar?
How do you mostly scratch your movie watching itch?