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Best of Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Wow I just remembered I was in a film with Alan Arkin & Christopher Lee!
Miyazaki says otaku are ruining the anime industry.
Super Bowl Sunday Food
Maximilian Schell RIP
I just saw "Snowpiercer" the ORIGINAL cut...
J.K. Rowling regrets Ron and Hermione's relationship...
RIP Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' ? Project Shelved After Online Leak
Philip Seymour Hoffman found dead in apartment
Who should perform the halftime show next year?
Ray Guy finally in HOF...
Their best - and their worst - performance.
George Zimmerman agrees to celebrity boxing match - what a great idea.
Kubriks Annotated Copy of The Shining
I have no idea how the Academy snubbed Tom Hanks for Captain Phillips
Are we friends or what?
Am I the only one who really liked/loved The Counselor?
Why do people put hashtags in front of words?
ENEMY Trailer
Come, watch tv with us.
The Best Directors of Photography
Studio Ghibli announces it's first ever TV series "Ronja The Robber's Daughter"
I, Frankenstein (Beattie, 2014)
The official RT reaction thread for the Netflix original nominated film "The Square"
Apparently Hollywood might be working on a "Berserk" movie.