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What were your favorite games this year.
Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes on PC.
XB1 discussion real quick...
Dying Light thread cause Bronson nipple twisted me into buying it for cheap.
This Will Be My Last Post on This Forum
quick question about dedicated gaming headsets
I'm Doing It. I'm Getting a Wii U!
The Evil Within
Playing old ass games on modern TVs
Guilt Gear Xrd: it's Amazing
Final Fantasy games on PC
Letr's get Ultra
Smash Brahs
Halo MCC Sort of Works Now....Let's Play Sometime, RY
What were your favorite games this year.
Awesomenauts is, like, totally rad. And you can buy it for a dollar.
The Eye
Games Played in 2014
Guns of Icarus Online
Street Fighter V PS4 and PC Exclusive
The Official and Vaguely Culturally Insensitive Thread of Far Cry 4: PETA Edition
No Anal Probes Here! Censored thread of South Park, The Stick of Truth
Red Faction Guerrilla Rewind: 12/12/2014
The Every NPD for the Rest of All Time Thread