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George Zimmerman is fighting DMX, guys.
Video: 9/11 truther interrupts Super Bowl MVP's press conference
What former countries do you like the most?
Decide my Avatar.
Two of my friends are falling for the same girl...
I'm curious what the I'm curious what Richmond, VA is like thead is like
I regret what I just did.
I'm curious what Richmond, VA is like
Hard numbers for the HBO Unplugged Debate
Philip Seymour Hoffman died
A high school athlete picks a hat of the college he is committing to.......
Bill Nye feeds the trolls on 2/4/2014
Family drama and patriotism
It's one of those nights where I want to tell Facebook that they are a bunch of tards
I want to leave a better world for my dog
Hey look, another RT OT dick measuring contest
Play Adult Swim's new game, Bionic Chainsaw Pogo Gorilla
"Kudos" to Karen Carpenter for.........
Four bankers comit suicide in a week
Weekly Pick 'ems (2013) - Final Results
The QuizUp app is pretty cool
Come on. C'mon. Prince > Michael Jackson
The Scientology Super Bowl commercial
Should prostitution be legal?