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Tillerson just announced that the US's new role in Syria is "regime change"
Living In Fear...
I am all out of weed shrooms and booze any ideas?
Goodbye, Turkey.
Whole grain pasta is terrible, and it should be outlawed
What former countries do you like the most?
Happy Easter! How many rabbits did you spray paint dicks on today?
Bill O'Reilly's dick sure is expensive
National Football League 2017-18
The Sweet Science
Dammit, I just tried pulling up an old thread
Star Wars: The Last Jedi trailer
Ahahahaha, Peggy Noonan won a Pulitzer
Det's Soundcloud thread
Who's waiting for fares to drop on United flights?
Introverts are so cool and better than people that aren't!
Kim Jong-nam assassin thought she was pranking him
?rabrot's "The Gospel" was one of the best albums of 2016.
The 2017 College Basketball Thread
Steve Bannon has been removed the National Security Council
Shit Town
Hey Moses, Conor McGregor wants to fight Mayweather.
RT/OT Movie Club
Movie Club: The Man Who Fell to Earth
the official beer thread